eBook: Your Back-to-Class Audience is Listening
A Look at Shopping Trends Across Key Segments

School is out for the Summer! But it’s go-time for retailers everywhere. Our newest back-to-class eBook is your cheat sheet to one of the largest shopping holidays of the year.

Our Vertical Marketing and Retail experts teamed up to study first-party data and outline a must-read, step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about your key back-to-class segments. Because—let’s face it—whether you’re talking to a mom with school age children, an incoming college student or a multicultural consumer, every audience is preparing in their own unique way.

On the syllabus

•       Exclusive survey results from Pandora listeners

•       Shopping behaviors, plans and timelines for five key segments

•       Insights and takeaways to ace this back-to-class season

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