Summer Break Means
Back-to-School for Marketers

For students, summertime means taking a break from classes and pop quizzes—but for marketers the “school” work is just beginning. As the winter gloom turns to spring, we know it’s time to get those back-to-school media plans in check.

This year, advertisers need to make sure they’re doing two things: First, starting campaigns early and maintaining a presence all summer long will ensure brands reach back-to-school shoppers at every step of the purchase funnel. Second, moving the needle on back-to-school sales will hinge on engaging all stakeholders and decision makers—from parents and students, to young adults and multicultural audiences.

In this eBook, we reveal eye-opening stats and learnings from our listeners as to how, when and where they do their back-to-school shopping. Don’t wait, download your copy now!