Language Decoded: What Bilingual Audiences Expect in Advertising

Of today’s U.S. Hispanic population, over a third identify as bilingual. Yet many multicultural marketers keep coming up against the same question: what is the best language to reach them?

In December 2016, Pandora conducted a robust users study of over 1,000 Hispanic listeners to determine whether ads served in Spanish or English were more effective at driving brand affinity and purchase intent. This Pandora for Brands Report unpacks the data from that study to determine how marketers can more effectively use language and culture to resonate with bilingual Hispanics. You’ll see full results for all three Spanish-English ad variations tested:

  1. Direct Translation
  2. Direct Translation + Cultural Cues
  3. In-Culture Adaptation

For many, this is the Hispanic segment that’s most difficult to pin down from a language perspective. Use this report to understand what language will work best to convey your brand message.